A budgeting tool so easy to use, it’s child play!

A free and open source budgeting tool
powered by the Costs to Expect API.

If you need to collaborate or have more advanced budgeting requirements Budget Pro might be more suitable for you.

Budget Pro is FREE during the Public Beta.

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Our overview is so clear and simple, a child could manage your budget. We would not recommend it, but you get the idea.

Budget overview screen, shows expenses for each month


Input your income and outgoings to see projected balances and savings for the months and years ahead. Handy, right?

Budget overview screen, shows projections for each account

Open Source

Budget and the API are open source. That means we're not hiding anything - you are always free to see how your data is transmitted and saved.

Budget & the Costs to Expect API are Open Source, MIT License


The Costs to Expect API is powerful - we designed it knowing we were going to use it for a variety of different projects.

The Costs to Expect API is powerful and powers all our Apps


We only show you the data you need but behind the scenes we have all the detail, expenses can be as complex as you like.

Budget detail screen, show expense details


We understand that not all expenses are monthly - we provide the tools to set exclusions, ensuring your budget is completely customisable and up-to-date.

Budget exclusions screen, show that monthly exclusions can be set for monthly expenses

Your Data

You can use our app or access your data directly via the API, we don't mind how you use our tools.

Full Control

We hope it won't happen but if you want to leave us, it's easy and immediate. We provide the tools to allow you to export and delete your data there and then.


We're using our own products every day so if there's a feature that bugs you, chances are we're already working on improvements.

Dogfooding on Wikipedia


Simple budgeting should be free* and easy and our aim is to keep Budget free for as long as we possibly can. The App is funded by the API and Budget Pro.

*We reserve the right to change this if sheer number of users make this unviable for us (But we promise to do our best!)