Add Expense

To create a new expense budget item please follow the steps below.

If you need anymore help, please review our FAQs section.

The new expense button is highlighted on the Budget Overview

Step 1: Select Add Expense

From the Budget Overview select the add expense button, this will take you to the form, so you can add all the necessary details.

The new expense form with the account and repeat selector highlighted

Step 2: Choose account and frequency

Choose the account the expense will be deducted from.You will also need to choose the repeat frequency, you can choose, monthly, annually or one-off.

The exclusions section on the new expense form

Step 3: Set Exceptions

If the expense repeats monthly, set any exclusions. In the UK we typically don't pay Council Tax in Feb and March. If you tick Feb and March, the expense will not appear on your Budget during the excluded months.